M24SR-DISCOVERY, STMicroelectronics


The M24SR-DISCOVERY is a demonstration kit to evaluate the features and capabilities of the M24SR series and is based on the M24SR64 device. Two versions of this kit are available: the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition.

The Premium Edition includes all of the Standard edition features, plus a headset and a Bluetooth module to demonstrate the convenience to pair it with a smartphone via NFC.

The M24SR64 device is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a dual interface. It embeds a 64 Kbits EEPROM memory. It can be operated from an I2C interface or by a 13.56 MHz RFID reader or an NFC phone.

The I2C interface uses a two-wire serial interface, consisting of a bidirectional data line and a clock line. It behaves as a slave with respect to the I2C protocol.

The RF protocol is compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and NFC Forum Type 4 Tag.

The board is powered through the USB bus. It also includes a microcontroller STM32F103 to drive the EEPROM via I2C and the LCD screen via SPI bus.

The M24SR-DISCOVERY (MB1138) schematics, BOM, gerber files, drivers and firmware can be downloaded from www.st.com.

Демоплата  Discovery kit for the M24SR series - Dynamic NFC/RFID tag


ПроизводительSTMicroelectronics (ST)

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  • Изображение  TE-ST-LINK


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    Внутрисхемный программатор/отладчик для микроконтроллеров серий STM8L, STM8S и STM32 производства фирмы STMicroelectronics. Аналог ST-LINK/V2 фирмы STMicroelectronics.USB, JTAG, SWIM

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