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HL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v], Sierra Wireless, Inc.

HL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v] - + gps glonass приемник.

Sierra Wireless AirPrime® Embedded Wireless Modules HL Series. The AirPrime HL Series is the smallest, scalable, flexible solution across 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies, and optionally contains GNSS. The HL Series provides device manufacturers with the ability to serve different regions, across multiple network technologies, with one device design. The HL Series common form factor provides device manufacturers the choice of soldering down the module for efficient high-volume production or, using a snap-in socket on the same solder pads. The innovative snap-in socket allows OEMs to deploy modules at any point in the production and product life cycles.

gps glonass приемник HL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v]

HL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v], Sierra Wireless, Inc.

Параметры HL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v]

НаименованиеHL6528-G-1102048 [2.8v]
ПроизводительSierra Wireless, Inc. (SW)
Цена (включая НДС)
2840,00 руб
от 2 шт. 2440,00 руб
от 3 шт. 2240,00 руб
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