MAXREFDES6#, Maxim Integrated

The compact Fremont ( MAXREFDES6# ) subsystem reference design ( Figure 1 ) accurately measures low voltage, 0 to 100mV, single-ended analog signals with a high-accuracy, 16-bit  analog front end  (AFE) complete with an isolated data path. The design optimizes the functions of an ultra-precision low-noise buffer ( MAX9632 ); a highly accurate ADC ( MAX11100 ); an ultra-high-precision 4.096V voltage reference ( MAX6126 ); a 600VRMS monolithic data isolator ( MAX14850 ); and low-dropout ( LDO ) regulators providing regulated +6V, +5V, and -5V power rails ( MAX1659  and MAX1735 ). This one-of-a-kind AFE solution works in many applications requiring low-voltage input,  high impedance , and high-accuracy analog-to-digital conversion.Smart factories, industrial, and medical applications continue to utilize more sensors, of various configurations. While low-voltage sensors provide essential data, they also require/generate high signal-to-noise ratios, rendering many discrete and integrated analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) insufficient for these applications.

Параметры MAXREFDES6#

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