MAX11156EVSYS#, Maxim Integrated

The MAX11156 evaluation system (EV system) includes a mother board and daughter board to evaluate the MAX11156 18-bit ADC. The EV system includes a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for exercising the features of the IC. This GUI is compatible with Windows XP®-, Windows Vista®-, and Windows® 7. The EV system GUI allows different sample sizes, adjustable sampling rates, internal or external reference options, and graphing software that includes the following representations of the sampled signals: time domain, frequency domain, histogram, and single conversion.

The EV system is made up of the MAXPRECADCMB mother board with an on-board Altera FPGA and the daughter board for evaluating the IC. The mother board plugs into the PC through a high-speed USB link to send SPI commands through the GUI. The mother board accepts a 5V supply. The daughter board accepts ±15V supplies.

The daughter board comes installed with a MAX11156ETC+ in a 12-pin TDFN-EP package.

Key Features

  • Windows XP-, Windows Vista-, and Windows 7-Compatible Software

  • High-Speed USB Interface

  • Various Sample Sizes and Sample Rates

  • Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Histogram Plotting

  • Collects Up to 1 Mega Samples

  • Frequency, RMS, MIN, MAX, and Average DC Calculations

  • On-Board Voltage Reference

  • 40MHz SPI Interface

  • RoHS Compliant

  • Proven PCB Layout

  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Параметры MAX11156EVSYS#

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