BMP280, Bosch Sensortec

BMP280 is an absolute barometric pressure sensor especially designed for mobile applications. The sensor module is housed in an extremely compact package. Its small dimensions and its low power consumption allow for the implementation in battery driven devices such as mobile phones, GPS modules or watches. Technical data BMP280 (prelim.) Package dimensions 8-Pin LGA with metal 2.0 x 2.5 x 0.95 mm Operation range (full accuracy) Pressure: 300...1100 hPa Temperature: 0…+65°C Supply voltage VDDIO 1.2 ... 3.6V Supply voltage VDD 1.71 ... 3.6V Interface I?C and SPI Average current consumption (typ.) (1Hz data refresh rate) 2.74µA(ultra-low power mode) Average current consumption in sleep mode 0.1 µA Average measurement time 5.5msec (ultra-low power preset) Resolution of data : Pressure: 0.18 Pa (eqiuv. to <10 cm) Temperature: 0.01 K Absolute accuracy p=950 ... 1100hPa (T=0 ... +65°C) ~ ±1 hPa Relative accuaracy pressure (typ.) p=950 ... 1050hP (+25°C) ± 0.12 hPa (equiv. to ±1 m) Temperature coefficient offset (+25°...+40°C @900hPa) 1.5 Pa/K (equiv. to 12.6 cm/K)

BMP280, Bosch Sensortec

Параметры BMP280

ПроизводительBosch Sensortec (BOSCHSEN)
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