TMDSDOCK28069, Texas Instruments

The C2000 Experimenter Kits from Texas Instruments are ideal products for OEMs to use for initial device exploration and testing. The Piccolo F28069 Experimenter Kit has a docking station that features on board USB JTAG emulation, access to all controlCARD signals, breadboard areas and RS-232 and JTAG connectors. Each kit contains a F28069 controlCARD. The controlCARD is a complete board level module that utilizes and industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profiles single-board controller solution. Kit is complete with Code Composer StudioTM IDE and USB cable. 

All software, documentation, and hardware documents can be accessed by installing controlSUITE.


  • TMS320F28069 microcontroller based controlCARD.
  • Docking station with on board USB JTAG emulation and access to all controlCARD signals
  • Fully powered from USB connection, no external power supply needed
  • Code Composer Studio™ IDE
  • Full open source software examples and hardware files for download in controlSUITE.

TMDSDOCK28069, Texas Instruments

Параметры TMDSDOCK28069

ПроизводительTexas Instruments (TI)
Тип инструмента
Производитель DSP
Семейство DSP
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