Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino)

Робототехническая платформа с контроллером ARDUINO The Shield Bot is a stackable Arduino Shield that transforms your Arduino into a fully featured beginner robot. The Shield Bot has been designed and specially equipped with on board line following sensors and expansion ports to be the robotic buddy that will teach you about robotics, electronics, programming. It is also packed full of expansion ports so it can also be the perfect base for any desktop robotics project! Features - Easy to start - The Shieldbot is plug and play and can be running out of the box in minutes - Expandable for imagination - solderless grove expansion ports enable easy attachment of more sensors and actuators, and shield headers allow the use of additional Arduino shields - Open source - Its designed to be hacked, adapted and transformed into whatever you want it to be! - Arduino Based - the Shieldbot is an Arduino shield, so the extensive Arduino community and shield ecosystem can be used for endless expansion! Specifications - 5x IR reflectance sensors for line and edge following - 900 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery - Two durable 160:1 micro metal gearmotors - 6x Grove expansion ports - Stackable shield headers Описание, коды, софт

Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino)

Параметры Shield Bot

НаименованиеShield Bot
ПроизводительSeeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) (SEEEDUIN)

Изображения Shield Bot

Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino) Shield Bot, Seeed Technology Inc. (Seeeduino)
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