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STM3220G-SK/KEI, STM32F207, STMicroelectronics

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The Keil starter kit is a complete, cost-effective solution for starting application development and evaluating the STMicroelectronics STM32F2 series ARM Cortexв„ў-M3 processor-based microcontrollers.

The STM3220G-SK/KEI starter kit provides all the hardware and software you need to start developing applications for the STM32 ARM core-based families of microcontrollers. It comes complete with a full-featured evaluation board (including Ethernet, USB HS, VGA camera, external memories, CAN, USARTs, Audio, and QVGA Touchscreen LCD), Keil's MDK-ARM Lite Edition (32 KB) development tools, and the ULINK-MEв„ў (USB/JTAG) adapter.

Keil starter kits are available for a full range of ST ARM core-based microcontrollers.


  • The Keil MDK-Lite development tools:
    • ОјVisionВ®4 IDE/Debugger for application programming and debugging
    • ARM C/C++ compiler
    • RTX real-time kernel, a multi-tasking operating system for embedded applications
    • MDK-Lite supports applications with up to 32 KB code-size
  • ULINK-ME in-circuit debugger/programmer with USB interface to host PC and 20-pin JTAG or 10-pin CoreSight debug interface
  • Full-featured Keil evaluation board with a 120 MHz STM32F207IG MCU
Демоплата  Keil starter kit for STM32 F2 series microcontrollers (STM32F207IG MCU)

Параметры STM3220G-SK/KEI

Наименование STM3220G-SK/KEI
Производитель STMicroelectronics (ST)
Артикул 1049161
Тип устройства
Производитель МК

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Средства разработки для STM3220G-SK/KEI

  • Изображение  J-LINK


    Склад (1-2 дн)

    Features Direct download into flash memory of most popular microcontrollers supported Supported CPUs: ARM7/9/11, Cortex-A5/A7/A8/A9, Cortex-M0/M1/M3/M4/M7, Cortex-R4/R5, Microchip PIC32 and Renesas RX100/RX200/RX610/RX621/RX62N/RX62T/RX630/RX631/RX63N Download speed up to 1 MByte/second Supports unlimited breakpoints in flash memory! Setting breakpoints in external flash memory of Cortex-M systems is possible with J-Link's Unlimited Flash Breakpoints technology only! Supported by all major IDEs Free software updates2, 1 year of support Supports concurrent access to CPU by multiple applications3 Crossplatform support (runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)4 Intelligence in the debug probe firmware Remote Server included.…

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