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The LT5400 is a quad resistor network with excellent matching specifications over the entire temperature range. All four resistors can be accessed and biased independently, making the LT5400 a convenient and versatile choice for any application that can benefit from matched resistors. These resistor networks provide precise ratiometric stability required in highly accurate difference amplifiers, voltage references and bridge circuits.

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The MAX5498 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembled and tested PCB that demonstrates the MAX5498 10-bit (1024-tap), dual, nonvolatile, SPI™-interface, linear-taper digital potentiometer. Windows® 2000/XP- and Windows Vista®-compatible software provides a handy user interface to exercise the features of the MAX5498.

The EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX5494, MAX5495, MAX5496, MAX5497, or MAX5499. The MAX5494/MAX5495 provide two programmable voltage-dividers, the MAX5496/MAX5497 provide two variable resistors, and the MAX5498/MAX5499 provide one programmable voltage-divider and one variable resistor. The MAX5494/MAX5496/MAX5498 devices have 10kΩ end-to-end resistance and the MAX5495/MAX5497/MAX5499 devices have 50kΩ end-to-end resistance. To evaluate the MAX5494–MAX5497 or MAX5499, request a free sample (ETE+ suffix) along with the MAX5498 EV kit.

  • 2.7V to 5.25V Single-Supply Operation
  • Power-On Recall of Wiper Position from Nonvolatile Memory
  • On-Board USB Interface Circuit
  • USB Powered
  • USB-PC Connection (Cable Included)
  • PCB Pads for User-Supplied Microcontroller Interface Signals
  • Labeled Test Points for Potentiometer Signals (L, W, and H)
  • Proven USB-Compatible PCB Layout
  • Evaluates MAX5494–MAX5499
  • Windows 2000/XP- and Windows Vista (32-Bit)-Compatible Software
  • Lead(Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

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