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The EMC2101 Dual Temperature Sensor and Single Fan Controller Evaluation Board is a USB-based platform that provides the means to demonstrate EMC2101 features and to view and modify registers. A +5V is provided to demonstrate the fan control functionality. LEDs indicate status information and test points are included to monitor system voltages with a user provided voltmeter tor oscilloscope.

  • Chip Manager software allows viewing and changing register values
  • Graphing of any register
  • Headers for connecting a remote diode or CPU/GPU thermal diode
  • Resistance Error Correction verification
  • Autonomous register loading via included EEPROM (EMC2101-R only)
  • USB communications to evaluation board
  • An external SMBus master may also be used via jumper settings

Clare's CPC9909 Evaluation Board contains all the necessary circuitry to demonstrate all the features of CPC9909 High Brightness (HB), Off-Line LED driver. The CPC9909 IC architecture includes pulse frequency modulation (PFM) with a constant peak-current control scheme. This regulation scheme is inherently stable, allowing the driver to operate above 50% duty cycle without open-loop instability or sub-harmonic oscillations. This greatly increases the number of LEDs in series that can be driven by the CPC9909 and by this Evaluation Board.

Linear LED dimming can be achieved either by adjusting the on-board potentiometer, RA1, or by adjusting the voltage at the LD pin. In addition, PWM dimming can be achieved with a user-applied TTL-level, low frequency, pulse-width-modulated square wave signal between JP1-1 (GND) and JP1-2 (connected to the PWMD pin of the CPC9909).
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The EVAL-L9958 is the simplest solution to evaluate L9958 functionalities providing all the inputs and outputs capabilities necessary to drive DC or Stepper motors and monitor diagnostic functions.

L9958 is fully integrated motor driver for DC and stepper motors used in safety critical applications and under extreme environmental conditions . It can operate from 4 Vmin to 28 Vmax delivering to the load up to 8.6A. The current regulation threshold can be set by SPI from 2.5A to 8.6A (Typ.) in 4 steps.Detailed failure diagnostics on each channel is provided via SPI: short circuit to battery, short circuit to ground, short circuit overload, over temperature. Open-load can be detected in ON condition, for the widest application ranges. The EVAL-L9958 board is suitable for both beginners and expert users working in standalone mode connected with any control system or combined with all SPC5 Discovery+ boards though a computer graphic interface or though embedded application examples.The board is compatible with both 5 V and 3.3 V control systems


  • Wide supply voltage range (VBatt): 4 V ÷ 28 V
  • Current regulation threshold set by SPI: 4 levels from 2.5 A to 8.6 A (Typ.)
  • Device controlled and programmed via SPI Diagnostic functions accessible via SPI:
    • short circuit to battery
    • short circuit to ground
    • short circuit overload
    • over temperature
    • open load
  • On board 5V, 1.5A Voltage regulator
  • 2 LEDs for monitoring VBatt and EN signal
  • Input signal connector compatible with the SPC5 Discovery+ boards
  • Possibility to connect the board to microcontroller boards by a simple adaptor or by wires
  • Test points to monitoring both input signals (SPI, PWM, EN) and outputs
  • Possibility to hardware setup EN, DI and DIR by jumpers
  • No heat-sink is required

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MAXREFDES132# provides a convenient platform for interfacing with 1-Wire® devices, 1-Wire Evaluation Kits (EV kits), and iButton® devices using the DS2484 I2C-to-1-Wire master, or a bit-bang master on D2 of the Arduino form-factor pinout.


  • DS2484 1-Wire master
  • F5 iButton socket
  • 6P6C RJ-11 jack
  • mbed.org library and Arduino libraries
  • ArduinoВ® shield form factor

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