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Clare's CPC9909 Evaluation Board contains all the necessary circuitry to demonstrate all the features of CPC9909 High Brightness (HB), Off-Line LED driver. The CPC9909 IC architecture includes pulse frequency modulation (PFM) with a constant peak-current control scheme. This regulation scheme is inherently stable, allowing the driver to operate above 50% duty cycle without open-loop instability or sub-harmonic oscillations. This greatly increases the number of LEDs in series that can be driven by the CPC9909 and by this Evaluation Board.

Linear LED dimming can be achieved either by adjusting the on-board potentiometer, RA1, or by adjusting the voltage at the LD pin. In addition, PWM dimming can be achieved with a user-applied TTL-level, low frequency, pulse-width-modulated square wave signal between JP1-1 (GND) and JP1-2 (connected to the PWMD pin of the CPC9909).
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The DS9092K iButton® Starter Kit provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of the Maxim iButton family of products that communicate using the 1-Wire® protocol. The kit uses the USB port of a Microsoft Windows®-based Personal Computer running Vista™, XP SP2 (or higher), or Microsoft Server Operating Systems Windows 2003 or 2008. The kit includes several iButtons as well as an assortment of accessories. The easy setup process includes the free download of 1-Wire drivers and the OneWireViewer demonstration software to easily communicate with iButtons through the PC’s USB port. The download site for the free 1-Wire drivers and bundled OneWireViewer is found at:


For software developers who wish to create custom iButton applications, Maxim provides documentation and a free library of source code examples at http://www.maximintegrated.com/ibutton under the Software Development Kits link. Please check our website regularly for software updates.

To evaluate plastic-packaged 1-Wire devices instead of the iButton form factor, use the DS9090K instead of the DS9092K.

EV Kit Contents
1 DS1904-F5 iButton Real Time Clock
1 DS1971-F3 iButton 256-bit EEPROM
1 DS1971-F5 iButton 256-bit EEPROM
1 DS1990-F5 Serial Number iButton
1 DS1996-F5 iButton 64-kbit Memory
5 DS9093F, DS9093AB/AG/AR/AY key fobs
1 DS1402D-DR8 dual Blue Dot™ Receptor
1 DS9490R USB to 1-Wire adapter


  • Starter Kit to help evaluate iButton technology using a Microsoft Windows-based PC
  • Easy Setup with USB adapter
  • Free download of 1-Wire drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software

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MAXREFDES132# provides a convenient platform for interfacing with 1-Wire® devices, 1-Wire Evaluation Kits (EV kits), and iButton® devices using the DS2484 I2C-to-1-Wire master, or a bit-bang master on D2 of the Arduino form-factor pinout.


  • DS2484 1-Wire master
  • F5 iButton socket
  • 6P6C RJ-11 jack
  • mbed.org library and Arduino libraries
  • ArduinoВ® shield form factor

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