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The AS5048A evaluation kit is designed to adapt standard size stepper motors with a contactless rotary position sensor for easy and fast evaluation of the IC in the application. The evaluation kit includes the PCB with soldered IC, 4 magnet holders with different shaft diameters and the allen key. The 4 distance bolts and the motor are not included. On the connector you get the SPI Serial Peripheral Interface and PWM Pulse Width Modulation output signals.

The AS5048 is an easy to use 360° angle position sensor with a 14-bit high resolution output. The maximum system accuracy is 0.05° assuming linearization and averaging is done by the external microcontroller.

The IC measures the absolute position of the magnet’s rotation angle and consists of Hall sensors, analog digital converter and digital signal processing. The zero position can be programmed via SPI or I?C command. Therefore no programmer is needed anymore. This simplifies the assembly of the complete system because the zero position of the magnet does not need to be mechanically aligned. This helps developers to shorten their developing time. The sensor tolerates misalignment, air gap variations, temperature variations and as well external magnetic fields. This robustness and wide temperature range (-40°C up to +150°C) of the AS5048 makes the IC ideal for rotation angle sensing in harsh industrial and medical environments. Several AS5048 ICs can be connected in daisy chain for serial data read out. The absolute position information of the magnet is directly accessible over a PWM output and can be read out over a standard SPI or a high speed I?C interface. AS5048A has a SPI interface, AS5048B I2C interface. Both devices offer a PWM output. An internal voltage regulator allows the AS5048 to operate at either 3.3 V or 5 V supplies.
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