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The IS31AP2005 evaluation board is a fully assembled and tested PCB that uses the IS31AP2005 Class-D power amplifier to drive an 8? or 4? speaker in portable audio applications. Designed to operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V DC power supply, the evaluation board accepts a single-ended or differential input signal. The evaluation board will drive a BTL output capable of delivering 2.6W of 5V continuous power into a 4? speaker.

The IS31AP2005 is a high efficiency, 2.95W mono Class-D audio power amplifier. A low noise, filter-less PWM architecture eliminates the output filter, reducing external component count, system cost, and simplifying design.

Operating in a single 5V supply, IS31AP2005 is capable of driving 4? speaker load at a continuous average output of 2.95W with 10% THD+N. The IS31AP2005 has high efficiency with speaker load compared to a typical Class-AB amplifier.

In cellular handsets, the earpiece, speaker phone, and melody ringer can each be driven by the IS31AP2005. The gain of IS31AP2005 is externally configurable which allows independent gain control from multiple sources by summing signals from each function.
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