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The ANT-1-6-ST25DV antenna reference kit is a ready-to-use kit containing two boards, each of them featuring a ST25DV04K Dual Interface EEPROM IC connected to an RF etched antenna on one side, and to an I2C bus on the other side.

The ANT-1-6-ST25DV antenna kit allows system designers to evaluate the ST25DV04K performance, capabilities, and to get started with their design.

To demonstrate the energy harvesting function, the ANT-1-6-ST25DV can be used in conjunction with the DEMO-CR95HF-A demonstration board.

The ANT-1-6-ST25DV PCB files can be downloaded from


  • Ready-to-use printed circuit board (PCB) including:
    • 45 mm x 75 mm (ST25DV_Discovery_ANT_C1) and 45 mm x 75 mm and 18 mm x 24 mm (ST25DV_Discovery_ANT_C6), 13.56 MHz single layer inductive antenna etched on the PCB
    • ST25DV04K dual interface EEPROM
    • Mates with ST25Dx_DISCOVERY_MBOARD connector
    • Energy harvesting output (VOUT ) with a 10 nF capacitance filtering circuit

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The MLX90129 from Melexis is a sensor IC with an integrated 13.56 MHz high frequency (HF) interface that allows sensor data to be read with a HF radio frequency identification (RFID) reader. The DVK90129 is a development kit designed to assist developers explore the features of the MLX90129.

This user manual provides guidelines for use of the DVK90129 development kit. It also provides guidelines for the EVB90129 datalogger / sensor tag based on the Melexis 90129 sensor IC and the Proxima RF USB HF RFID Desktop reader.

The DVK90129 development kit along with user friendly evaluation software will decrease sensor IC evaluation time to improve your development cycle and time to market. The dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) provides a quick start for developing custom applications.

The EVB90129 is an assembled printed circuit board that simplifies evaluation of the MLX90129 sensor tag IC and to facilitate the development of wireless sensor applications based on the MLX90129.

The EVB90129 was developed to demonstrate a wide range of applications, from fully passive sensor tag operation to complex data logging. Each of its elements can be reconfigured by means of jumpers.

The board can be powered either by an external voltage supply, the on-board battery or the electromagnetic field from a RFID reader.

In addition to the internal temperature sensor of the MLX90129, the EVB90129 embeds 3 external sensors, light, temperature and potentiometer to demonstrate the flexibility for measurement of a variety of physical quantities. The custom prototyping area allows users to integrate their own sensor or circuit into this evaluation board.
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M24LR-DISCOVERY is a ready-to-use kit which features the M24LR04E-R Dual Interface EEPROM IC. It addresses a wide range of applications such as industrial or medical equipment and consumer electronics. This kit contains 2 different boards, as shown in the figure on cover page.

The M24LR board is battery-less and is powered by RFID readers or NFC-enabled phones supporting ISO/IEC 15693.

The RF transceiver board is an RFID reader demonstration board and is composed, among other parts, of a CR95HF (13.56 MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver IC with SPI and UART serial access). This board has to be plugged in to a PC and comes with a demonstration software.

The M24LR board also works with Android NFC phones supporting ISO/IEC 15693. An application called NfcV-Reader is available on Google Play. Performance may vary depending on NFC phone's RF management.


  • M24LR board
    • M24LR04E-RMN6T/2 Dual Interface EEPROM with I2C and ISO/IEC 15693 RF interfaces, 4 Kbits of EEPROM and password protection in SO8N package
    • STM8L152C6T6 8-bit microcontroller, with 8 Kbytes of Flash memory
    • STTS751-0WB3F, low-voltage digital temperature sensor
    • 20 x 40 mm inductive antenna etched on the PCB
    • Two function buttons (User and Reset)
    • SWIM connector for programming and debugging
    • I2C connectors
    • LCD (24 segments, 4 commons)
  • RF transceiver board
    • CR95HF-VMD5T 13.56 MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver IC with SPI and UART serial access
    • STM32F103CB 32-bit microcontroller, with 128 Kbytes of Flash memory
    • 47 x 34 mm 13.56 MHz inductive antenna etched on PCB and associated circuitry
    • USB connector for communication with host PC and demonstration board powering

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The ST25-TAG-BAG-U is a ready-to-use tag set.

The ST25-TAG-BAG-U contains five different items (five for each type), all of them based on NFC Forum Type 5 Tag ICs (ST25TV512 and ST25TV02K) or on NFC Forum Type 4 Tag ICs (ST25TA02KB and ST25TA64K).

These ICs are combined with antennas of different size and material, to address different applications.

The ST25-TAG-BAG-U is intended for evaluation of the ST25TA and ST25TV series NFC tags, belonging to the ST25T product family, offering a wide range of NFC/RFID tags with 512 bits to 64 Kbits memory size, and including both short (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B) and long range (ISO/IEC 15693) products.

More info on devices of the ST25TA and ST25TV series can be found on


  • Five ST25TV02K printed paper labels
  • Five ST25TA02KB printed PET labels
  • Five ST25TV02K printed PET labels
  • Five ST25TV512 printed paper labels
  • Five ST25TA64K printed paper tickets

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The ST25DV-DISCOVERY is a demonstration kit to evaluate the features and capabilities of the ST25DV series. It is based on the NFC ST25DV04K device embedded on a daughter card using a Class 1 antenna and a STM32 processor driving a mother board. A dedicated software stored in the Flash memory is provided.

The ST25DX_Discovery_Mboard is available in two versions. The demonstration edition includes all of the standard edition features with Wi-FiВ®, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) modules to demonstrate various connectivity use cases. The standard edition is used to achieve the demonstration edition features.

The ST25DV04K device is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a dual interface. It embeds a 4 Kbits EEPROM memory. It can be operated from an I2C interface, or by a 13.56 MHz RFID reader, or by a NFC phone. The ST25DV04K Class 1 antenna daughter card, included in the kit, can be replaced by Class 5 or Class 6 antennas. For this purpose an ST25DV antennas bundle is available for ordering. Its references are available on the ST web site.

The ST25DV I2C interface uses a two-wire serial interface, consisting of a bidirectional data line and a clock line. The I2C two-wire serial interface behaves as a slave in the I2C protocol. The RF protocol is compatible with ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag contactless interface.The boards are powered through the USB connectors.

The ST25DV-DISCOVERY (MB1283 & MB1284) schematics, BOM, gerber files, drivers and firmware sources can be downloaded from


  • Two ready-to-use printed circuit boards (PCB):
    • ST25DX_Discovery_Mboard:
    • STM32F415VGT6 LQFP100 32-bit microcontroller, with 1 Mbyte Flash memory, 192 + 4 Kbytes SRAM.
    • LCD color screen (320 x 200 pixels)
    • Touch screen driver
    • Different color LEDs (power, user, ST link)
    • User push button
    • Joystick for menu selection
    • Reset button
    • On board ST link for microcontroller firmware upgrade and debug
    • ST link mini USB
    • User micro USB
    • USB micro or mini connector for board powering
    • Demonstration use cases stored in memory
    • Demonstration edition (optional add-on module) with Bluetooth Low Energy module, Wi-FiВ® module and JTAG 20 pin connector
  • ST25DV_Discovery_ANT_C1:
    • 45 mm x 75 mm, 13.56 MHz inductive antenna etched on the PCB
    • ST25DV04K Dynamic NFC / RFID tag
    • I2 C interface connector
    • Energy harvesting output (VOUT) with a 10 nF capacitance filtering circuit
    • GPO configurable as RF WIP/BUSY output, to indicate that an RF operation is ongoing

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The ST25R3911B-DISCO is a ready-to-use kit featuring the ST25R3911B, an highly integrated HF reader / NFC initiator IC.

The ST25R3911B-DISCO can be operated as ISO18092 (NFCIP-1) active and passive initiator, ISO18092 (NFCIP-1) active target, ISO 14443A and B reader including very high bit rates (VHBR), long range ISO15693 and FeliCaв„ў reader. Implementation of other standard and custom protocols like MIFAREв„ў Classic is possible using the AFE and implementing framing in the external microcontroller (stream and transparent modes).

The ST25R3911B-DISCO addresses a wide range of applications such as access control, ticketing, industrial, medical and consumer, where users need optimal RF performance and flexibility combined with low power consumption.

The ST25R3911B-DISCO kit, whose block diagram is shown in Figure 1, allows the user to exploit several features of the ST25R3911B.

It contains a low power capacitive sensor that can be used for ultra-low power wakeup without switching on the reader field. Traditional inductive wakeup with the choice of amplitude or phase measurement can be used as well.

The automatic antenna tuning (AAT) technology enables operation close to metallic parts and/or in changing environments. The available software visually displays the impact of AAT, thus enabling an easy evaluation of the feature.


  • Based on ST25R3911B high performance HF reader / NFC initiator with 1.4 W output power, supporting VHBR and AAT
    • ISO 18092 (NFCIP-1) active P2P
    • ISO14443A, ISO14443B and FeliCaв„ў
    • ISO15693
    • Supports VHBR (3.4 Mbit/s PICC to PCD framing, 6.8 Mbit/s AFE and PCD to PICC framing)
    • Up to 1.4 W output power with differential antenna
    • Possibility of driving two antennas in single ended mode
    • Inductive and capacitive Wake-up
    • Automatic antenna tuning system
    • DPO (Dynamic Power Output)
    • User selectable and automatic gain control
    • Transparent and Stream modes to implement MIFAREв„ў Classic compliant or other custom protocols
    • 6 Mbit/s SPI
    • Wide supply voltage range (from 2.4 V to 5.5 V)
    • QFN32, 5 mm x 5 mm package
  • STM32L476RET6 32-bit microcontroller with 512 kB of Flash memory
  • 105 mm x 52 mm, two turns antenna etched on the PCB, and associated VHBR tuning circuit
  • Micro-USB connector for communication with the host PC and board powering
  • Six LEDs indicating the presence of the RF field and of the protocol used to communicate

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This smart and flexible NFC Tracker evaluation board with sensors includes a comprehensive software library and a sample application to monitor and log sensor data over NFC from an Android or iOS device.

The ultra-low power sensor node evaluation board mounts an ST25DV NFC Tag, an STM32L0 ARM Cortex M0+, environment sensors (temperature, humidity and pressure) and motion (accelerometer) sensor.

The evaluation board features NFC harvesting to supply power and a battery cradle for a CR2032 battery.


  • ST25DV64K dynamic NFC tag solution based on 64K-bit (8K-Byte) EEPROM and with I?C interface, Fast Transfer Mode and Energy Harvesting features
  • STM32L031K6 ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU running at 32 MHz with 32-Kbytes Flash and 8-Kbytes RAM
  • LIS2DW12 ultra-low-power high-performance three-axis linear accelerometer
  • LPS22HB ultra-compact piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer: 260-1260 hPa
  • HTS221 capacitive digital sensor for relative humidity and temperature
  • STLQ015 low drop linear regulator power management
  • CR2032 Battery powered (not included)
  • STM32Cube function pack (FP-SNS-SMARTAG1)
  • Android (Google Play) and iOS demo apps (ST SmarTag)
  • Suitable for the following applications:
    • Internet of Things
    • Supply Chain and Cold-Chain Management
    • Smart building, home and city
    • Retail and apparel
    • Smart packaging
    • Medical and pharmaceutical
    • Batteryless sensing
    • Smart agriculture (soil control, animal tracking, etc.)

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The X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 is a Dynamic NFC tag evaluation board to allow expansion of the STM32 Nucleo boards. It is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector layout and it is designed around the M24SR64-Y. The M24SR64-Y device is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a dual interface. It embeds a 64 Kbit EEPROM memory. It can be operated from an I2C interface or by a 13.56 MHz RFID reader or a NFC phone.

The board is powered through the Arduino UNO R3 connectors. It also includes three LEDs for general purpose.


  • M24SR64-Y Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC
  • NFC antenna: 31 mm x 30 mm 13.56 MHz double layer inductive antenna etched on the PCB (ANT14)
  • Compatible with STM32 Nucleo boards
  • Equipped with Arduino UNO R3 connector
  • Powered through the Arduino UNO R3 connectors
  • 3 color LEDs for general purpose

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