Интегральные микросхемы - Применения

DT0073: Optical heart rate monitoring – OHRM based on X-NUCLEO-IKA01A1 expansion board
DN0013: Very low-noise, high-efficiency DC-DC conversion circuit
DN0011: ST1S03 alternative topology: Using a buck in a negative buck-boost configuration
A "bridgeless PFC configuration" based on L4981 PFC controller
Stepper motor driving
Designing with the L296 monolithic power switching regulator
Controlling voltage transients in full-bridge driver applications
IRS2112 and IR2112 Comparison
Remove the DC Portion of Signals with the ADS7817
Compensation Methodology for Error in SK Low-Pass Filter Caused by Limited GBW
High-current voltage output circuit using a precision DAC
MTTF Failrate Reliability and Life Testing
AC Coupling Instrumentation and Difference Amplifiers
Single-Supply Operation of Isolation Amplifiers
IC Building Blocks Form Complete Isolated 4-20mA Current-Loop
Power Amplifier Stress and Power Handling Limitations
Programmable-Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers
Op Amp Performance Analysis
Noise Analysis for High Speed Op Amps (Rev. A)
Zero-drift Amplifiers: Features and Benefits (Rev. B)
Offset Correction Methods: Laser Trim e-Trim and Chopper (Rev. A)
An Easy Solution to Current Limiting an Op Amp
NanoStar™ & NanoFree™ 300μm Solder Bump WCSP Application
Power-Dissipation Calculations for TI FIFO Products (Rev. A)
Programming CPLDs Via the 'LVT8986 LASP
HCMOS Design Considerations (Rev. A)
A Numerical Protection Relay Solution (Rev. A)
Interface Circuits for TIA/EIA-232-F (Rev. A)
Stability Analysis Of Voltage-Feedback Op Amps Including Compensation Technique (Rev. A)
Using Cascodes with the TL1451
Designing Switching Voltage Regulators With the TL494 (Rev. E)
Understanding Buck Power Stages In Switchmode Power Supplies
Off-Line SMPS Failure Modes PWM Switchers and DC-DC Converters
Discrete design of a low-cost isolated 3.3- to 5-V DC/DC converter
AN-262 Applying Dual and Quad FET Op Amps (Rev. B)
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