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The Graphics Display Truly 3.2” 240x320 Board is a demonstration board for evaluating Microchip’s graphic display solution and graphics library for 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers. It is an expansion board compatible with the PIC24FJ256DA210 Development Board (DM240312), and Graphics LCD Controller PICtail™ Plus SSD1926 Board (AC164127-5).

    • 3.2” QVGA (240x320) TFT LCD with 18-bit parallel RGB interface
    • Resistive 4-wire touch screen

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The Graphics Display Prototype Board (set of three) provides an easy path to integrate a graphics LCD panel of developer’s choice to one of the following platforms.
  • PIC24FJ256DA210 development board (DM240312)
  • Graphics LCD Controller PICtail™ Plus SSD1926 Board (AC164127-5)


    • Microchip display connector V1
    • Footprints of flat flexible connectors (FFC) with up to 50-pins with varying pitch sizes (1.0, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5 mm), and VESA FPDI-1
    • Prototyping area for power supply circuits
    • Flexible mapping of V1 connector signals to FFC connector signals
    • Compatible with Prototype PICtail Plus™ Daughter Board (AC164126)

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This product is no longer available for sale.

The temperature sensor demonstration utility allows designers to configure and experiment with Microchip's digital temperature sensors to gain a better understanding of device capabilities. For the devices that have EEPROM, the utility allows reads and writes to the EEPROM, demonstrating the ability to save data and persist it through power events. The utility allows users to adjust temperature limits, modify register settings to see the effects on device operation, and plot real-time temperature data. The utility supports the Microchip AT30TK175STK and ATAVRTempSensorX, and will configure and read the Microchip AT30TS002B, AT30TS75, AT30TS750, and AT30TSE758 temperature sensors. The alarm trip registers toggle LEDs on the board and on front panel of the utility, demonstrating the use of the event pin.

A toggle switch allows the user to manually control temperature to become more familiar with the environment without manipulating the actual temperature of the device.

After installing a kit and verifying the board appears in Device Manager as a serial port, the software should install and launch. A pull-down selection box will show the serial ports available on your machine, one of which should be the serial port to which the board installed, generally COM 4 or higher. When the proper serial port is selected and the board recognized, the other pull-down well allow selection of the chip on the board to communicate with and the proper front panel will launch.

The device datasheet should be available and consulted while using the software to gain an even deeper understanding. The ultimate goal of the utility is to familiarize the user with the datasheet and prepare him to create his own uses.


    A toggle switch allows the user to manually control temperature to become more familiar with the environment without manipulating the actual temperature of the device.

The DS9092K iButton® Starter Kit provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of the Maxim iButton family of products that communicate using the 1-Wire® protocol. The kit uses the USB port of a Microsoft Windows®-based Personal Computer running Vista™, XP SP2 (or higher), or Microsoft Server Operating Systems Windows 2003 or 2008. The kit includes several iButtons as well as an assortment of accessories. The easy setup process includes the free download of 1-Wire drivers and the OneWireViewer demonstration software to easily communicate with iButtons through the PC’s USB port. The download site for the free 1-Wire drivers and bundled OneWireViewer is found at:


For software developers who wish to create custom iButton applications, Maxim provides documentation and a free library of source code examples at http://www.maximintegrated.com/ibutton under the Software Development Kits link. Please check our website regularly for software updates.

To evaluate plastic-packaged 1-Wire devices instead of the iButton form factor, use the DS9090K instead of the DS9092K.

EV Kit Contents
1 DS1904-F5 iButton Real Time Clock
1 DS1971-F3 iButton 256-bit EEPROM
1 DS1971-F5 iButton 256-bit EEPROM
1 DS1990-F5 Serial Number iButton
1 DS1996-F5 iButton 64-kbit Memory
5 DS9093F, DS9093AB/AG/AR/AY key fobs
1 DS1402D-DR8 dual Blue Dot™ Receptor
1 DS9490R USB to 1-Wire adapter


  • Starter Kit to help evaluate iButton technology using a Microsoft Windows-based PC
  • Easy Setup with USB adapter
  • Free download of 1-Wire drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software

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