TUSB9261 Demonstration & Reference Design(TUSB9261DEMO)

View TUSB9261DEMO The TUSB9261DEMO board is a free-standing reference design that acts as a bridge between a SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) bus and a Serial–ATA (SATA) device. The TUSB9261DEMO is used to evaluate system compatibility. It provides a TUSB9261 hardware reference design for connection to a SATA device such as a solid state drive, hard disk drive, DVD drive, or Blu-Ray drive. The included firmware is capable of supporting a single SATA drive and supports the following: USB Attached SCSI (UAS) USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) including the 13 error cases. USB Mass Storage Specification for Bootability USB Device Class Definition for Human Interface Devices (HID) for firmware update and manufacturer-specific custom functionality Serial ATA Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for LED dimming control Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for updating firmware and loading custom device descriptors Serial Communications Interface (SCI) for debug output only The board works with the LINUX, MAC, and Windows native Mass Storage Class Drivers.


A free-standing external storage reference design Auto-detection of single SATA drive USB Attached SCSI Protocol Class Support Bulk Only Transport Class Support


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TUSB9261 Demonstration & Reference Design TUSB9261DEMO

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