Texas Instruments' Power Line Communication Developer's Kit - V3 (TIDM-TMDSPLCKIT-V3)

The TI PLC Developer’s Kit is the best way to evaluate TI’s PLC technology for use in Industrial applications such as Smart Grid AMI networks and solar inverters. Due to TI’s flexible PLC architecture this one kit can be used for evaluating several different PLC standards (PRIME, G3, PLC Lite), allowing developers to choose the PLC technology that best fits their application. This developer's kit enables users to perform PLC tests on live power networks quickly while making it easier to write their own application software.


Complete PLC kit includes a pair of modems for end-to-end testing Support for CENELEC frequency band (up to 90kHz) Supported with TI’s PRIME®, G3, and PLC Lite software TI Zero Configuration GUI to control the modems and monitor performance UART interface to host PC


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Texas Instruments' Power Line Communication Developer's Kit - V3 TIDM-TMDSPLCKIT-V3

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