Microcontroller Based Temperature Compensated Real Time Clock Solution (TIDM-TEMPCOMPENSATED-RTC)

This report introduced the methodology to implement an ultra low power real time clock with temperature compensation function in MSP430F6736. This report describes the crystal’s temperature characteristics and posts to use MSP430F6736’s RTC_C module plus software to implement a ultra low power RTC, with automatic temperature compensation feature and second ticks generation function. This report finally builds up reference code which runs in MSP430F6736 and provides test result.


MSP430F6736 is highly flexible and powerful single chip mixed signal measurement device On chip RTC_C module and ADC10 for realize ultra low power and high accuracy RTC calendar Instead of expensive dedicated RTC chip,reduce the cost for E-Meter application High integration chip ideal for single chip smart electricity meter solution


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Microcontroller Based Temperature Compensated Real Time Clock Solution TIDM-TEMPCOMPENSATED-RTC

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