ESI + LDC Inductive Linear Position Sensing Reference Design (TIDM-INDUCTIVELINEAR)

Typical implementations of linear position measurements use expensive rare-earth magnets. To lower the overall system cost, this reference design describes the implementation of using the industry’s first inductance-to- digital converters (LDC) from TI for linear position sensing without the use of any expensive rare-earth magnets. This reference design also describes the implementation of the ultra-low power two chip solution for inductive linear position sensors by using TI's extended scan interface (ESI) module on the MSP430(TM) microcontrollers (MCUs) and LDC1612 chip. By combining the ESI module on MSP430 MCU and the LDC technology, the reference design provides the designer a low-cost and low-power inductive linear position sensing solution.


Ultra-low power Non-contact detection and measurement Insensitive to environmental contaminations High resolution and accuracy Increased Flexibility and Performance without requiring analog trimming techniques


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ESI + LDC Inductive Linear Position Sensing Reference Design TIDM-INDUCTIVELINEAR

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