Capacitive Touch Remote Control Reference Design With CapTIvate™ Technology(TIDM-CAPTIVATE-REMOTECONTROL)

The touch remote control enabled with CapTIvate™ technology demonstrates a capacitive-touch solution based on a single MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) with CapTIvate technology. This design uses self- and mutual-capacitance technology to enable a multifunctional, capacitive-touch panel (buttons, slider, gesture pad, grip sensor and proximity sensor) for smart TV, settop box, and sound system remote applications for future application extensions with various communication interfaces available. The design allows operators to extend the battery life by the low-power active and standby modes.


CapTIvate Capacitive Touch Functions with Eight-Touch Buttons, One Touch Slider for Volume Control, One Gesture Pad for Slide and Tap Gestures and One Proximity Sensor for Grip Detection Two LEDs to Indicate Power Status and Touch Operation Wake-On Grip Detection With Ultra-Low-Power Standby Mode PC GUI for Demonstration of Remote Control Capabilities Bluetooth® Connectivity to PC Through Bluetooth EVM CC2650EM-7ID as well as other I2C and UART Communication Interface

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Capacitive Touch Remote Control Reference Design With CapTIvate™ Technology TIDM-CAPTIVATE-REMOTECONTROL

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