MSP430FR4133 Microcontroller Air Quality Sensor Reference Design (TIDM-AIRQUALITYSENSOR)

In this TI Design reference design, a simple air quality monitor is created and implemented using the particulate matter 2.5 level. This design uses the TI MSP430FR4133 microcontroller (MCU) in tandem with the Sharp™ DN7C3CA006 PM2.5 sensor. The ultra-low-power centric design of the MSP430™ MCU coupled with the DN7C3CA006's integrated analog works in tandem to capture air samples and calculate the air quality index. From periodic PM2.5 samples, the AQI is calculated and displayed using an 8-character, 14-segment LCD.


Calculates PM2.5 concentration levels and air quality index levels (AQI) Calculates temperature and humidity levels Offers an 8-character, 14-segment LCD to display calculation results Uses an ultra-low-power MSP430FR4133 MCU with an integrated LCD controller


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MSP430FR4133 Microcontroller Air Quality Sensor Reference Design TIDM-AIRQUALITYSENSOR

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