Gesture-based capacitive touch speaker interface reference design(TIDM-02004)

The Gesture-Based Capacitive Touch Speaker Interface Reference Design demonstrates an ultra-low-power panel for controlling speaker systems. The design uses an MSP430™ microcontroller with CapTIvate™ technology for recognizing capacitive touch events. Using a self-capacitance configuration of sensors to detect proximity, tap, drag, and swipe gestures, this design can enhance a speaker system's interface and improve the user experience. The MSP430FR2633 MCU drives all capacitive sensing functionality.


  • MSP430 CapTIvate MCU for capacitive touch
  • Capacitive touch button gestures: tap, tap and hold
  • Capacitive touch slider and wheel gestures: tap, double tap, swipe and slide
  • Low power consumption: <5 μA while idle using wake-on-proximity, <500 μA in active mode
  • Moisture tolerant design: tolerance to moisture spray and droplets in certain environments


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Gesture-based capacitive touch speaker interface reference design TIDM-02004

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