Power Sequencing for K2E Using UCD9090 with PMBus (TIDEP0031)

The K2E devices require power supplies to be sequenced in a proper order. This design demonstrates power sequencing for the 66AK2Ex and AM5K2Ex families of KeyStone II ARM+DSP and ARM-only multicore processors by use of the UCD9090. The UCD9090 is a 10-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer and monitor. The UCD9090 provides both sequence and timing of the power supply enables. This design shows a power sequencing implementation specific to the K2E EVM platform.


Power supply sequencing reference implementation for the 66AK2Ex and AM5K2Ex SoCs. Uses UCD9090 for power supply sequencing and monitoring for nine voltage rails. Uses the Fusion Digital Power Designer Software to configure and program the UCD9090. Complete system reference with schematics, BOM, design files, and HW Design Guide, implemented on the K2E EVM platform for testing and evaluation.


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Power Sequencing for K2E Using UCD9090 with PMBus TIDEP0031

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