Obstacle detection reference design using 77GHz mmWave sensor(TIDEP-0104)

This reference design demonstrates the use of the AWR1642 single-chip mmWave sensor with integrated DSP as an obstacle-detection sensor for the car door and trunk, enabling applications like automatic car door openers and intelligent car doorsthat can accurately detect obstacles/objects in a wide field of view (FoV). The evaluationkit comes with a single patch antenna forwiderFoV detectioninazimuth (±70°) and elevation (±40º),and a detection range of up to 15 m. A reference software implementation on the device is provided, which enables high-resolution detection of objects with clustering. A MATLAB®-based GUI is provided for visualization of detected objects.


  • Demonstrates 77-GHz mmWave sensor technology for obstacle detection on car doors and trunks for applicationslike automatic door openers and car-door obstacle detection
  • WideFoV detection in azimuth (±70°) and elevation (±40°)
  • Source code for processing and detection based on the mmWave software development kit (MMWAVE-SDK)
  • Based on proven EVM hardware designs, enabling quick time to market and out-of-the-box demonstration
  • Design guide explains processing chain software, algorithms, and GUI for visualization


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Obstacle detection reference design using 77GHz mmWave sensor TIDEP-0104

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