CC-Link IE Field Basic Master and Slave Reference Design(TIDEP-0089)

This reference design details a CCLink IE Field Basic implementation operating on the Sitara™ AM335x processor, with both Processor SDK RTOS and Processor SDK Linux. For RTOS, the design uses the Network Development Kit (NDK component within Processor SDK) transport layer and is supported with examples for both the standard Ethernet switch (CPSW) and PRU-ICSS. For Linux, it uses the Linux networking stack which can be based on either the standard Ethernet switch (CPSW) or PRU-ICSS. The implementation can be used in both configurations, i.e. Master station or Slave station.


CC-Link IE field basic master and slave implementation for 100Mbps on a standard ethernet port and PRU-ICSS Supported by Processor-SDK-RTOS and Linux Server function of SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol) supported by slave station Maximum 64 slave stations supported by master station Fully customizable with source code available Support on other Sitara ARM processors also available


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CC-Link IE Field Basic Master and Slave Reference Design TIDEP-0089

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