Low-Power WiFi Enabled Electronic Paper Display (EPD)(TIDC-CC3200-EPD-DESIGN)

This design demonstrates the single-chip implementation of a wireless Electronic Paper Display (EPD) using Wi-Fi® technology. Technologies that use EPD displays require low-power operation and a method for a user to update the display information. This design provides user control via remote maintenance, an important service in the growing Industrial Internet of things (IoT) market. The design uses the low-power TI SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU, allowing the user to work on two AA batteries for several to many months, depending on the specific use-case. With an integrated micro-controller and Wi-Fi network processor, this CC3200 based design is a single chip solution for an EPD display with remote control, locally or over the internet using the MQTT protocol.


Low power, battery-powered Cloud connectivity Local control Supports 5 display sizes Supports custom graphics Broadcast contents option


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Low-Power WiFi Enabled Electronic Paper Display (EPD) TIDC-CC3200-EPD-DESIGN

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