Commissioning Sensors in a Sub-1 GHz Network Over BluetoothВ® low energy Reference Design(TIDC-01001)

This TI Design reference design demonstrates how to easily commission a Sub-1 GHz sensor node over Bluetooth® low energy, which enables quick connectivity with a smartphone or tablet device. The design is powered by the SimpleLink™ dual-band CC1350 wireless microcontroller (MCU), which is the sensor node being commissioned. There is an added option to emulate a sensor network concentrator using a SimpleLink dual-band CC1350 or Sub-1 GHz CC1310 devices for a complete user experience. The goal of this TI Design reference design is to reduce the complexity and cost of the commissioning process. This design also demonstrates how to reduce the overall connection time by a factor of 100 or more by removing the need to re-flash the network credentials to the device.


Enables simple commissioning of a sensor in a Sub-1 GHz network over Bluetooth low energy using a smartphone or tablet device Switches within 20 ms from connectable Bluetooth low energy to a Sub-1 GHz network connection Supported by the TI SimpleLink dual-band CC1350 LaunchPad™ development kits acting as the sensor device Leverages the latest SimpleLink CC13xx TI-RTOS RF driver examples and latest TI BLE-Stack, providing a scalable software development platform


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