Power stage reference design for <100-VIN DC/DC converters(TIDA-050022)

This reference design implements a high frequency power stage design based on the UCC27282 120-V half-bridge MOSFET driver and CSD19531 100-V power MOSFETs. With efficiency switches and flexible VGS operating range, this design can reduce overall gate drive and conduction losses to achieve optimum efficiency. This power stage design can be widely applied to many space-constrained applications suche as telecom brick power modules, solar inverters and DC motor drives.


  • Compact 100-V power stage design with switching up to 1MHz
  • Independent PWM inputs for high side and low side with cross conduction protection
  • Low propagation delay of 16ns, delay matching of 1ns typical
  • Driver VDD operating range 6 V to 16 V
  • Negative voltage capability tolerates high noise environments
  • Enable with low standby current


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Power stage reference design for <100-VIN DC/DC converters TIDA-050022

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