Cluster and eCall Audio Reference Design With Diagnostics(TIDA-01529)

This reference design is based on the TAS2505-Q1, which is a low-power Class-D digital audio amplifier with analog, digital, and mixed input capabilities. This design shows TAS2505-Q1 as suitable for automotive cluster and eCall applications by showcasing the device's ability to run on a single 5-V supply. Two external circuits examples show how open load detection can be added to the amplifier's native fault detection, which includes the ability to detect short to ground, short to power, short between terminals, and over-temperature.


Mono Class-D BTL speaker amplifier, 2.6 W at 10% THD (4 ?, 5.5 V) Load diagnostic functions: output to GND short, terminal to terminal short, output to power short, open load, over-temperature Single 5-V supply rail Supports 8-kHz to 96-kHz sample rates Analog, digital, and mixed input capabilities


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Cluster and eCall Audio Reference Design With Diagnostics TIDA-01529

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