Automotive High Efficiency Power Front End and Multi-Phase Processor Supply Reference Design(TIDA-01524)

This processor supply reference design is an automotive power solution for use in highperformance, single-core-voltage application processors in advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs). This design can support core supply currents up to 10 A at 0.9 V. The design can also operate with a wide input voltage range, withstand reverse battery conditions, and support start-stop and cold-crank down to a 3.5-V input with an undisturbed output. The sub-AM band switching frequency of the power front end improves efficiency and reduces board temperatures when compared to a power front end with faster switching frequency. The multiphase configuration and integration of supplies enables lower electromagnetic interference (EMI) and higher efficiency. This reference design also provides results for conducted emissions tests for CISPR 25 Class 5.


5A integrated, 400kHz synchronous wide input voltage buck DC/DC converter with spread spectrum Supplying 10A at 0.9V to core-voltage rail of application processor Operating range 3.5 - 36V, supports start-stop and cold-crank Interleaved four-phase core-voltage supply minimizing ripple, EMI and inductor size Smart diode reverse battery protection for minimum voltage drop (typical 20mV) Small switched cap boost for 5V CAN supply reduces solution size and BOM cost


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Automotive High Efficiency Power Front End and Multi-Phase Processor Supply Reference Design TIDA-01524

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