Protection and Light-Load Detection Reference Design for Antenna Modules(TIDA-01514)

This reference design provides protection and diagnostics for antenna modules for use in automotive infotainment and navigation systems. This design is an alternate solution for antenna low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) for the purpose of achieving lower ohmic drop (IR) while meeting the necessary protection measures such as short circuit, short-to-battery, reverse current, and overvoltage protection. The design also meets the subsystem-level diagnostic requirements such as precise light load and overload detection.


Open Load Detection at 10 mA (Typical) Selectable Overcurrent Detection at 300 mA, 600 mA, 900 mA, 1.2 A Shutoff in 1 μs (Typical) to Short-to-Battery Fault Fast Response of 200 ns (Typical) to Short-to-Ground Fault Low IR Drop With TPS25940-Q1 (42 mΩ RON)


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Protection and Light-Load Detection Reference Design for Antenna Modules TIDA-01514

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