Automotive Stand-Alone Gateway Reference Design with Ethernet and CAN(TIDA-01425)

The TIDA-01425is a subsystem reference design for automotive gateways focused on increasing bandwidth and processing power in gateway applications. The design implements ethernet physical layer transceivers (PHYs) for increased bandwidth along with an automotive processor for greater processing capabilities allowing automotive gateways to pass more data at higher speeds. Furthermore, the reference design offers a starting point for a full automotive gateway design with a full power tree, CAN PHYs, and components selected with automotive requirements and emission specifications in mind to simplify the design process.


Processor based system 100BASE-TX and CAN PHYs Operates off automotive battery Designed to operate through cold crank, jump start, and load dump Reduced EMI power stages Reverse battery protection


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Automotive Stand-Alone Gateway Reference Design with Ethernet and CAN TIDA-01425

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