Automotive Brushed-Motor Ripple Counter Reference Design for Sensorless Position Measurement(TIDA-01421)

The demand to retain memory on the position of the seat, window, sliding door, mirror, lift-gate, and others driven by that motor has increased as small motors within the modern automotive vehicle continue to evolve. Existing solutions utilize multiple magnetic sensors attached to the body of a motor to provide a feedback loop to the motor control module. A sensorless approach provides redundancy for existing solutions and, in some cases, removes the requirement for motors with sensors attached. The sensorless approach has become increasingly popular through the implementation of an in-line, current-sense signal-conditioning circuit. This reference design provides a solution that is easily modifiable for many automotive motor systems that control position measurement.


Configurable for many DC motor solutions -14V to 80V wide common mode input range for in-line motor current sensing Operational for typical 9V to 18V battery supply Simple interfacing with MSP430™ LaunchPad™ Development Kit for digital capture


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Automotive Brushed-Motor Ripple Counter Reference Design for Sensorless Position Measurement TIDA-01421

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