Communication Module Reference Design for Functional Isolated RS-485, CAN and I2C Data Transmission(TIDA-01281)

The TIDA-01281 reference design is low cost, high efficiency, isolated RS-485, I2C & CAN communication module solution intended for use in industrial systems such as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and energy storage banks that require isolated communication and isolated power for RS-485/I2C/CAN transceivers. The design has on-board C2000-Piccolo microcontroller for handling the communications protocol for each of interfaces. The board has in-built, low component count, high efficiency, primary side controlled isolated power supply to generate secondary power for communication transceivers eliminating the need for opto-coupler feedback circuits. The TIDA-01281 design is tested for data transmission under various conditions and under EFT and ESD environment, highlighting the performance of TI devices for robust data transmission in harsh environments.


Simple, efficient, and flexible isolated communication module for RS-485, CAN and I2C interface Robust isolation performance for reliable operation in harsh environments meeting functional Isolation and Immunity of 4000-VPK & 2500-VRMS, 560VPK working voltage Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of 50 kV/us, for high immunity in noisy environments Meets IEC-61000-4-2: ESD ±8kV contact discharge and indirect discharge by HCP and VCP , and IEC-61000-4-4: EFT ± 2kV for RS485 and ±1kV for CAN A standalone control card with analog and digital interface of C2000 device for test and validation of power stages used in UPS, telecom rectifier, server PSU and battery management system


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Communication Module Reference Design for Functional Isolated RS-485, CAN and I2C Data Transmission TIDA-01281

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