Automotive 12V/24V Battery Input Protection Reference Design(TIDA-01167)

Automotive battery power supply lines are prone to transients while running the system. Typical protections required are overvoltage, overload, reverse polarity, and jump start. During the life of a car, the alternator may be replaced with a non-OEM part. The after-market alternator may have different or no load dump protection, which could lead to damaging the electronic control unit (ECU). This TI Design provides protection to handle these potential unsuppressed load dump pulses (12 V and 24 V) with hardware control. Class A operation may be attained during unsuppressed load dump pulses.


Wide input protection voltage range Scalable to multiple battery topologies (12V, 24V, 48V) Configurable options to support Class A operation during unsuppressed load dump pulses Compliance to ISO7637-2, ISO16750-2


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Automotive 12V/24V Battery Input Protection Reference Design TIDA-01167

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