60W, 24V High Efficiency Industrial Power Supply with Precision Voltage, Current and Power Limit (TIDA-00702)

The TIDA-00702 is a 60-W, industrial AC-DC power supply designed for use in industrial and instrumentation systems such as process controls, factory automation, and machinery control. This reference design is a Quasi-resonant (QR) flyback converter implemented using the UCC28740 CC-CV flyback controller with optocoupled feedback for voltage and primary-side regulation (PSR) for constant current regulation, with all the necessary protections built-in. Hardware is designed and tested to pass conducted emissions, surge, and EFT requirements. The key highlights of reference design: Reduced component count design to achieve NEC Class-2 and Limited Power Source (LPS) norms Meets Energy Star Rating and 2013 EU eco-design directive Energy-related Products (ErP) Lot 6 Robust output supply protected for output over-current, output short circuit, output over-voltage, and over temperature conditions


Wide Operating Input Range of 85-V to 265-V AC With Full Power Delivery Over Entire Range Designed to Drive Wide Range of Downstream 24-V Industrial Systems and Motor Drives up to 60 W High Efficiency of > 89% at 115-V AC and > 91% at 230-V AC for Wide Load Range From 30% to 100% Load; No External Cooling Needed up to 60°C Ambient Operation Meets Current THD Regulations as per IEC 61000-3-2, Class-A Precision Current Limit Within ±1% Ensures Maximum Power Delivery for Entire AC Voltage Range Very Low Standby Power of < 200 mW Start-up With High Load Capacitance up to 8500 μF Built-in Lossless ORing Feature for Paralleling Multiple Modules Meets the Requirements of Conducted Emissions Standard – EN55011 Class B, EFT Norm IEC6000- 4-4 – Level-3, and Surge Norm IEC61000-4-5 – Level-3 Power Supply With Small PCB Form Factor (96 × 82 mm)


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60W, 24V High Efficiency Industrial Power Supply with Precision Voltage, Current and Power Limit TIDA-00702

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