40 V to 400 V Uni-directional Current/Voltage/Power Monitoring Reference Design (TIDA-00528)

This verified design can accurately measure current, voltage and power on a bus as high as 400 V using an I2C- or SMBUS-compatible interface. This design is targeted towards industrial applications where there is a need to measure system current accurately with bus voltages greater than 40 Volts such as Solar inverters, HEV/EV systems and Source generation for AC/DC electronic loads and power sources. This is a low cost non-isolated solution for high voltage current monitoring. It uses INA226 and OPA333 along with a 600-V P-FET transistor.


• The integrated load-dump protection reduces external voltage clamp cost and size • Onboard load diagnostics report the status of the speaker through I2C, which reduces external components needed for diagnostic coverage • TLV320AIC3104-Q1 + TAS5411-Q1 combo allows for reduced power consumption, reduced heat and reduced peak currents in the electrical system • TAS5411-Q1 provides up to 8W output power for loud, clear audio in an unpredictable emergency environment • Additional output from the TLV320AIC3104-Q1 can be used for the head unit or other car audio needs and eliminates the need for another device • Supports Bus Voltages between 40 and 400 Volts • Current, Voltage and Power Monitor • I2C-/SMBUS-compatible interface • High accuracy • Low cost


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40 V to 400 V Uni-directional Current/Voltage/Power Monitoring Reference Design TIDA-00528

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