Automotive Cluster Telltale Driver Reference Design (TIDA-00278)

This TI reference design is an automotive cluster telltale solution that includes a monolithic, medium-voltage, low-current power 12-bit shift register designed for use in systems that require relatively moderate load power, such as LEDs found in automotive clusters. This design is one part of an entire automotive cluster system solution optimized for the mid-end cluster market. The entire solution supports 4.5-40V system capabilities that can withstand cold crank, start stop, and load dump conditions.


Wide input voltage range: 4.5V - 40V withstanding start/stop, cold crank, and load dump conditions Low and accurate Rdson for the internal MOSFET allowing low thermal dissipation and more accurate output current passing through the LED Slow switching time: rise time=207ns fall time=128ns which significantly helps in reducing EMI Thermal shutdown protection helping avoid overheating and damaging the TLC6C5912-Q1


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Automotive Cluster Telltale Driver Reference Design TIDA-00278

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