Two-Wire Interface to a HIPERFACE DSL Encoder Reference Design (TIDA-00177)

The TIDA-00177reference design is an EMC compliant industrial interface to a two-wire HIPERFACE DSL encoder. Applications include industrial servo drives. The design features a 3.3-V supply RS485 transceiver and line termination and coupling for encoder power over RS485 as per HIPERFACE DSL specification. The design has been tested up to 100m cable length with an integrated cable, where the encoder’s two-wire twisted pair was integrated in the same motor cable. The encoder connector output is protected against over-voltage and short circuit to prevent damage to an encoder or during a cable short. The design features an industrial compliant 24-V input with wide range from 18-36V. A 3.3V I/O connector with logic signals for easy interface to a host processor with HIPERFACE DSL Master IP Core is made available.


Two-Wire Interface to a HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. Supports HIPERFACE DSL 9.375 MBaud Transfer Rate with Power Over RS485, Cable Length up to 100m 3.3-V Supply Half-Duplex RS485 Transceiver with 12kV IEC-ESD and 4kV EFT Wide Input (18-36V) Non-Isolated Power Supply with Configurable Output Voltage 7V-12V, Default 10.5V, 250mA (3.5A peak) Compliant to HIPERFACE DSL Specification OV, UV and Precise Over-Current Limit with Short-Circuit Protection Leveraging TI eFuse Technology with Fault Indicator Logic Interface (3.3V I/O) to Host Processor like Sitara for the HIPERFACE DSL Master Designed to meet EMC Immunity for ESD, Fast Transient Burst, and Surge with Levels according to IEC61800-3


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Two-Wire Interface to a HIPERFACE DSL Encoder Reference Design TIDA-00177

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