Multi Cell Synchronous Switch-Mode Charger Reference Design (TIDA-00037)

This reference design, using bq24600, is a highly integrated Li-ion or Li-polymer switch-mode battery charge controller solution. It allows for a highly integrated switch-mode battery charge controller designed specifically to charge Lithium Phosphate battery chemistries. The design contains a highly integrated super capacitor switch-mode charge controller, which offers a constant-frequency synchronous PWM controller with high accuracy charge current and voltage regulation, adapter current regulation, termination, charge preconditioning, and charge status monitoring, The design charges the battery in three phases: preconditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. Charge is terminated when the current reaches a minimum user-selectable level. A programmable charge timer provides a safety backup for charge termination. The design automatically restarts the charge cycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold, and enters a low-quiescent current sleep mode when the input voltage falls below the battery voltage.


• # Series Cells: 1 to 6S • Max Input Volts: 28V • Max Charge Current: 10A • Topology: Switch mode


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Multi Cell Synchronous Switch-Mode Charger Reference Design TIDA-00037

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