TPS92310 - 220VAC, 8W Isolated , Triac dimmable (PMP8012)

The main purpose of this reference design is to demonstrate a high performance, compact size and triac Dimmable offline flyback LED driver with PFC based on TPS92310. This LED driver is designed for converting an AC input to a regulated LED current. The operating conditions and performance of the reference design are as follows: в—Џ198VAC to 264VAC, 50Hz Input Voltage в—Џ18V to 22V LED Voltage в—Џ350mA Regulated LED Current в—ЏGreater tha 75% Typical System Efficiency в—Џ0.9 Typical Power Factor в—ЏOutput Short-Circuit and Open-Circuit Protection


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TPS92310 - 220VAC, 8W Isolated , Triac dimmable PMP8012

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