Using UCC25710 to design cost effective LED Power (PMP6252)

PMP6252 is a reference design for 90W LCD TV power by using the UCC28051 to construct PFC, UCC25710 to construct LED driver LLC converter, UCC25600 to construct 5V and 12V converter and UCC28610 to construct standby flyback converter. This driver provides 4 outputs including LED driver, 12.7V 3A, 5V 3A and 5V standby 2A; and has the capability to operate at 90~264Vac.The LED driver is designed using multi-transformer topology by UCC25710 which can improve efficiency, has protection function and decrease component count. A thorough analysis of PFC, LLC, cascade QR flyback operation and performance along with design optimization guidelines are presented. Experimental results obtained on every general condition load are provided.


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Using UCC25710 to design cost effective LED Power PMP6252

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