Sync Buck(x4), Buck (1V @ 25A) (PMP6000)

PMP6000 uses the UC9224 Digital Power controller with 2 outputs with up to 2 phases per output to drive the CSD96370Q5M synchronous buck power stages. It targets 12Vin applications with 2 outputs, each about 1 to 1.2V at up to 50A if both phases are populated. For each phase the INA213 current monitor is used.


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Sync Buck(x4), Buck (1V @ 25A) PMP6000

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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Texas Instruments
Арт.: 676132 ИНФО RD
Доступно: 16347 шт. от: 100 руб.
High Frequency Synchronous Buck NexFETв„ў Power Stage 22-LSON-CLIP -55 to 150
CSD96370Q5M от 100,00 от 20 шт. 100,00 от 43 шт. 100,00 от 93 шт. 100,00 от 244 шт. 100,00
390 шт.
(на складе)
15957 шт.
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