12Vin, ?5Vout, 1W Isolated SIP DC/DC module - Reference Design (PMP4401)

The PMP4401 is a 12Vin, ±5Vout, 1W reference design module which is implemented in an industry standard SIP pinout. It includes a constant on-time synchronous Fly-Buck controller LM25018. The solution has high efficiency andgood line andload regulation with 1,500V DC isolation. The power module was designed with minimized components for cost sensitive applications. PMP4394, PMP4401, andPMP4412-PM4415 have the same pinout and can be replaced by each other without modification. The isolated bipolar outputs make the design ideal for powering noise sensitive circuits used in industrial applications.


Fly-Buck topology with 1,500V DC isolation High efficiency Good line and load regulation Low cost solution with minimized component count Industry standard pinout Size: 19.8mm x 9mm x 5.8mm


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12Vin, ?5Vout, 1W Isolated SIP DC/DC module - Reference Design PMP4401

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