24Vin, 5V6A Power Module Reference Design(PMP40274)

PMP40274 is a power module reference design solution for power train applications. The module enables a high efficiency with flyback-CCM synchronous rectifier. The efficiency is >88% at full load. This design features <0.2W standby power. Integrated input UVLO, OVP and output OVP, OCP improves the power system reliability. The design is achieved in a compact form factor (50.8mm X 40.6mm X 15mm).


Synchronous rectifier flyback topology Lower standby power Input UVLO, OVP, output OVP Output overcurrent protection with automatic retry Size L*W*H 50.8mm*40.6mm*15mm


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24Vin, 5V6A Power Module Reference Design PMP40274

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