Low Cost Universal AC Input to 5V 2A Output Reference Design(PMP40228)

The PMP40228 is a reference design for 5V 2A adapter applications. The solution implements a high efficiency primary side controller UCC28704, it meets COC V5 Tier2 2016 specification with 130mOhm cable, it is fully test and passes conduction EMI. The board uses a single layer PCB and diode rectifier, it is a cost-effective solution with Low BOM cost. The board measures 41mm x 38.5mm x 15mm.


Diode rectifier QR flyback with primary side regulation Single layer PCB Cost-effective solution with low BOM cost High 4-point average efficiency above 79.9% with 130mOhm cable, above 76% efficiency at 10% load Compliant with EN55022 class B conducted EMI Size 41mm x 38.5mm x 15mm


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Low Cost Universal AC Input to 5V 2A Output Reference Design PMP40228

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