20W Industrial Power Supply (PMP10559)

PMP10559 is a non-sync isolated Flybuck-boost converter with a negative primary voltage. The power supply has a synchronous buck regulator, LM5160, and a versa pack transformer. The design accepts an input voltage of 18V to 30V, and outputs 30V, capable of providing 0.67A of current to the load, making it suitable for 24V input industrial application. The Fly-Buck topology can regulate the secondary side outputs without opto-coupler or aux winding, and is capable of achieving good regulation within ±5%. With LM5160's Constan On-Time control, no loop compensation is required, which simplifies the design and helps reducing the external part count and BOM cost.


Versa pack transformer increase design versatility +30V/0.67A with LM5160 capable of 4.5V to 65V input Primary Side Regulation without Opto, Good Regulation, within +/-5% Constant On Time Control, No Loop Compensation Required, and Fast Transient Response No primary winding snubber is required


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20W Industrial Power Supply PMP10559

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