Isolated Tri-output Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial PLC Applications - Reference Design (PMP10532)

The PMP10532 reference design is an isolated Fly-Buck power supply for industrial applications. It takes 24V nominal input and provides three isolated outputs: +5V@1A and +/-15V@200mA. The design is suitable for providing isolated power supply to MCU and control circuits and positive/negative bias to Op Amps in PLC applications. The cross regulation of each output over line and load variation maintains about +/-5% tolerance, and the input voltage range of the supply is from 19V to 30V. The design features the LM5160 synchronous buck converter configured as a Fly-Buck regulator. The LM5160 has a wide Vin range of 4.5V to 65V and 1.5A output current capability with integrated switch FETs. It employs the Constant On-Time (COT) control scheme suitable for the Fly-Buck. With the benefit of primary side regulation, the Fly-Buck converter makes a compact and cost effective solution for multiple isolated output power supply without the opto-coupler feedback.


Three isolated outputs, +5V@1A and +/-15V@200mA, are ideal for PLC and industrial applications Fly-Buck converter design, primary side regulation Compact solution for multiple isolated output supplies 19V to 30V input voltage range, +/-5% Vout cross regulation LM5160 sync buck regulator, up to 65V wide Vin range, 1.5A capability Constant On Time control, no loop compensation and fast transient response This circuit board is tested, and the design files and test report are included.


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Isolated Tri-output Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial PLC Applications - Reference Design PMP10532

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