PurePath Wireless Headset Reference Design(CC85XXDK-HEADSET-RD)

The CC85XX-HEADSET board reference design contains production material i.e., schematics, layout files, gerbers and BOM for the boards used in the CC85XXDK-HEADSET Development Kit. The design files are supplied as Gerbers, PDF-files and in Cadstar format. The reference design demonstrates good design techniques for RF and Audio layout and decoupling. For optimum RF and audio performance, the design should be copied as accurately as possible.


Features of the reference design: Analog audio input and output (2x 3.5mm mini-jack) 2 LEDs for battery charging status and audio network status 3 control buttons for power, volume, pairing Li-ion battery charging via USB Fully programmable with PurePath Wireless Configurator PC tool


PurePath Wireless Headset Reference Design CC85XXDK-HEADSET-RD

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