CC112x SKY65367 EM 30 dBm 169 MHz Reference Design(CC112XSKY65367EM-RD)

The CC112x SKY63367 169 MHz EM Reference Design contains schematics and layout files for the CC112x SKY63367 Evaluation Module. CC112x denotes that CC1120, CC1121 and CC1125 can be used in this reference design. This design demonstrates good techniques for CC112x decoupling and RF layout. For optimum RF performance, the design should be copied accurately. This is a 4-layer reference design with the option to connect to the SMA antenna connector designed for a single ended 50 ohm antenna, or connection to a helical wire antenna from Pulse (W3100). The RF section has been designed for operation in the 169 MHz ISM frequency band with 1W (30 dBm) output power.


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